Condom|Madbang - condom store|FAQ
Our condoms are imported from brand agents. 100% quality guarantee.
Easy, we also provide non-latex condom in our model list. Some of them are made of PU and it is more bio-compatible. You can check the product material in product details.
If you have specific concerns, we recommend talking to your doctor.
Oh no, that's not good! Contact Us.
We look after the long-term relationship with each of our member. We keep the monthly plan cost down so there is no reason you don't join us!
There is no Membership fee for joining MADBANG. You only pay for the products you order.
Your first order will arrive with 6/10 condoms your selected in the envelope.
Just a normal white envelope with your name & address. No logo or link printed outside the envelope.
Your first shipment will leave our warehouse shortly once confirm. Shipments usually arrive within 3-5 business days once mailed (time will be different based on your country or district, please click here to know more) , and you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email shortly after your orders ships.
Once your order has shipped, we’ll send you an email. However, tracking number will provided only if you choose registered service for your shipment.
We ship to most of the countries, please click here to know more.
We offer an Every Other Month shipping option. Once you place your first order, you can adjust your shipping frequency at any time on your Account Page. We’ll only bill you on the months that you receive shipments.
Switching is easy! Just log in to your Account and click Switch plans. Your recurring bill date will remain the same, and your new condoms will arrive in your next envelope.
Yep, you can pause your shipments for up to 6 months by clicking the Membership Settings link on your Account Page. You'll still be able to make account changes when you're paused.
You can pause and resume shipments whenever you'd like!
We only accept major credit cards at this time, sorry about that.
You can stop your subscription at any time for any reason.
1. Go to Membership Settings 2. At the bottom of the page choose Stop Subscription 3. Don’t Go! Please let us know if you are experiencing issues, and we'll do our best to help you out
No worries! Just click the "Forgot Password?" link on the log in page and you will receive a link to reset your password to the email address on your account. Still having trouble? Contact Us.
You can choose to have your next box processed right away by clicking "Resume Shipping" on your Account Page. The shipments resume on your regularly scheduled bill date.
Please log in to your account and make sure to update your shipping information.
At this time, we’re limited to one condom plan subscription per account. We’re working hard to make this a possibility, but for now, you can sign up for another condom plan subscription with a different email address.
No worries! Shipments time will be different based on your country or district (please click here to know more). If you still worry about that? Contact Us.
Make sure you use their referral link to sign up. If you don't have the link, Contact Us, and we'll help you out!
To refer a friend just share your referral link from your Referral Page. When they click on your link and sign up for a condom subscription. You will automatically receive the cash rebate. Please note, cash rebate can only use for monthly fee deduction.
Please check your rebate balance and you can deduct your monthly fee when your balance amount above the monthly fee.
No, it’s private and they will just see your greeting message.
Nope, your Gift Plan purchase is a one-time charge.
Thank you and here’s that happens next: You’ll receive a confirmation email from us within 24 hours The Gift Envelope will be shipped to the address you choose and should arrive within 5-7 business days. They will receive your gift and greeting message
The first envelope will contain the condoms you chosen, a greeting message letter. The following envelope(s) will contain only the condoms.
We accept refund if the product is damaged or doesn't match with your order. Contact Us if you need.
If there is an issue with a product you received, please Contact Us.